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The Nursery Program at Children’s Creative Corner includes children 6 weeks to 15 months of age. The infant caregivers provide a safe, nurturing and consistent environment for the children, along with numerous opportunities for enrichment activities throughout the day. Activities are planned to enhance infant development in all areas:

  • Gross and Fine Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Language ( Including Sign Language)

Babies learn primarily through sensory exploration:

  • visual stimuli such as pictures and books,
  • listening to music, stories, and language;
  • touching and manipulating toys and materials of different textures,
  • colors and patterns;
  • tasting new and familiar foods;
  • smelling toys, caregivers, and their environment.

The infants are encouraged to exercise their small and large muscles through grasping, reaching, kicking, creeping, crawling, and sitting up as they progress to pulling up, standing, and walking.

Many hands-on materials are provided to enhance cognitive development and to provide early experiences in cause and effect and problem-solving. Social and emotional development result from quality interactions with loving and responsive caregivers, where trust is built and strong bonds are formed. Language skills are acquired through imitation of cooing and babbling sounds, conversation and caregiver interactions, and exposure to a variety of sounds, including listening to books and music. Sign language is also introduced to help babies express themselves.

Daily communication between parents and caregivers is strongly encouraged. An individual daily report is sent home detailing each infant and toddler’s day including feeding, changing, naps and supply needs. Also each baby will receive a Portfolio with Milestones in Development and cute pictures documenting their activities. 

We encourage parents to call anytime with questions or concerns. We want to make this first transition away from home as easy as possible for you and your child.
On a monthly basis, we do an evaluation based of age appropriate benchmarks in order to assess each baby’s progress and development.

Below are some of the basic milestones we look for, in addition to specific academic and developmental achievements:


  • Raises head and chest when laying on stomach (3 mo.)
  • Pulls to sitting with no head lag (5 mo.)
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand (6-7 mo.)
  • Gets to sitting position without assistance (8-10 mo.)
  • Crawls forward on belly (8-10 mo.)
  • Gets from sitting to crawling or prone position (10-12 mo.)
  • May walk two or three steps without support


  • Watches face intently (2-3 mo.)
  • Follows moving objects (2 mo.)
  • Tracks moving objects with ease (4-7 mo.)
  • Grasps objects dangling in front of him (5-6 mo.)
  • Looks for fallen toys (5-7 mo.)


  • Distinguishes emotions by tone of voice (4-7 mo.)
  • Responds to sound by making sounds (4-6 mo.)
  • Syllable repetition begins (5-7 mo.)
  • Responds to simple verbal requests (4-6 mo.)
  • Makes simple gestures such as shaking head for no (8-10 mo.)
  • Babbles "dada” and "mama” (8-10 mo.)


  • Finds partially hidden objects (6-7 mo.)
  • Explores objects in many different ways (8-10 mo.)
  • Finds hidden objects easily (10-12 mo.)
  • Imitates gestures (9-12 mo.)

Hearing and Speech

  • Smiles at the sound of voice (2-3 mo.)
  • Cooing noises and vocal play (3 mo.)
  • Responds to sound (1-3 mo.)
  • Startles to loud noise (1-3 mo.)


  • Begins to develop a social smile (1-3 mo.)
  • Enjoys playing and may cry when playing stops (2-3 mo.)
  • Interested in mirror images (5-7 mo.)
  • Shy or anxious with strangers (8-12 mo.)
  • Shows specific preferences for certain people and toys (8-12 mo.)


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