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Children’s Creative Corner offers full-day and half-day programs for Pre-Kindergarten classes. In addition, a 2 ½ hour preschool-only program is available from September through May. 

This program is an essential bridge between preschool and kindergarten. It is our ultimate goal that all of our students are emotionally, physically, cognitively and behaviorally prepared for the demands of a kindergarten classroom. Our teachers will work closely with each student to perfect all the skills needed for kindergarten.

We use award winning programs like Jolly Phonics, Everyday Mathematics, Hooked on Phonics and more. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers who can see their students achieve. A variety of hands-on materials are used to teach math, science and writing skills.

Math skills are also enhanced with learning the numbers 0-30 and by creating individual number books. In addition to numbers we teach operations, measurements, data, patterns and more.

The children also choose activities from different learning centers in the classroom and practice using their large muscles while enjoying fun gross motor games and exercises. 

These are some of our Core Components:

·         Phonics, Reading, Handwriting
·         Learning Numbers, Numerical relations, Operations, Measurement, Patterns, Geometry. Everyday Mathematics by University Of Chicago. 
Social Studies
·         Interactive program covering all ten strands including Culture, Time, People, Places and Environment.
·         Science Experiments, Music, Art Projects, Spanish, Dramatic Play, Computers, Field Trips, Circle time, Games and Exercises.

On a biannual basis, we do an evaluation based of age appropriate benchmarks in order to assess each child’s progress and development.

Below are some of the basic objectives we look for, in addition to specific academic and developmental achievements:

Social and Emotional Development

  • taking turns and sharing
  • communicating with peers and teachers
  • following rules
  • developing self- control
  • encouraging self-confidence and a positive self-esteem
  • solving problems with peers, first with teacher guidance and thenwith just their peers
  • developing self-help skills

Language Arts Development (listening, speaking, pre-reading, writing)

  • recognizing their written name
  • recognizing upper and lower case letters
  • beginning sound/symbol correspondence
  • increasing listening skills
  • phonemic awareness activities
  • retelling known stories and showing story understanding
  • writing their first name using one uppercase letter and the rest lowercase
  • learning parts of a book (title, author, illustrator, front cover, back cover)
  • expressing ideas and thoughts orally


  • identify and name geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, crescent, oval, heart, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon)
  • understand spatial terms (above, below, beside, under, between)
  • beginning patterning skills
  • counting to 30 by ones
  • sorting and classifying
  • number recognition (0-20)


  • hands on activities in areas of physical science, life science and earth science
  • using senses to observe
  • understanding similarities and differences
  • cooking

Fine Motor Skills

  • increasing strength in small motor skills through cutting, coloring and using play dough
  • learning the correct grip in holding pencils and scissors
  • working more on coloring in the lines and cutting on the lines
  • working on learning to tie shoes
  • learning to manipulate zippers, buttons and snaps

Gross Motor Skills

  • alternating feet while going upstairs and downstairs
  • jumping with two feet
  • hopping first on one foot and then on the other foot
  • catching, throwing and bouncing a ball
  • kicking a ball forward
  • running, galloping and skipping
  • does a forward somersault


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