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Preschoolers (typically 3-4 year olds) enjoy a day full of activities. We offer a full day and half day program as well as a 2 ½ hour preschool program which is available throughout the year.  
Our theme-based curriculum introduces them to a wide variety of hands on activities and each day is thoroughly planned.
The preschoolers begin the school year by working on a letter of the alphabet every week and centering their morning on that letter. They have daily stories about the letter of the week, letter songs, letter art and letter tracing.

Once they have finished all the letters they will work on numbers where they make their own number book to take home. We use Everyday Math by the University of Chicago which is an advanced math program well adapted for this age

They also enjoy working on their pre-reading and pre-writing skills along with name recognition, counting, cutting with scissors and reviewing shapes and colors. In addition, there are daily art projects, music and stories.

Social Studies are very important at this age. We use an interactive program covering all ten strands including Culture, Time, People, Places and Environment, Power and Authority, Change, Geography and more.

During holiday weeks they work with fun themes such as Thanksgiving Fun and The Many Holidays of December.

During the summer months they will enjoy a variety of activities to go along with the themes of Camping, Animals, Sports, Beach, Dinosaurs, Circus, Happy Birthday America and Wacky Week.

Each child is taught at his or her own developmental level and they receive individual teacher attention which is very beneficial to them.
On a biannual basis, we do an evaluation based of age appropriate benchmarks in order to assess each child’s progress and development.

Below are some of the basic objectives we look for, in addition to specific academic and developmental achievements:

Social and Emotional Development

  • accepts suggestions and follows simple directions
  • enjoys helping with simple tasks
  • can make simple choices between two things
  • enjoys playing alone sometimes, but prefers to interact with peers
  • engages in cooperative play with one or more children
  • can answer the question "Are you a boy or a girl?”
  • names and identifies body parts (head, ears, eyes, nose, hair, and shoulders)
  • develops a positive self image
  • works on expressing feelings and emotions through words
  • self help skills

Language Arts Development (Listening, speaking, pre-reading, writing)

  • listens attentively to short stories
  • enjoys familiar stories told without any changes in words
  • follows simple rules
  • speaks in 4 to 6 word sentences
  • repeats short rhymes, songs, and finger plays
  • responds to questions and ideas
  • asks who, what, where, and why questions
  • repeats words and sounds
  • recites the letters in their name
  • learning color awareness


  • identifies shapes (square, circle, star, triangle, rectangle, diamond)
  • visually discriminates between sizes (small, medium, large)
  • recognizes numbers
  • counts to 10
  • can count 2 to 3 objects using one-to-one correspondence
  • compares objects using size, shape, color
  • notices the difference between full and empty
  • sorts and classifies objects by size, shape, color


  • discovers nature, animals, and plants by using senses
  • learns to measure and mix ingredients together
  • experiences cooking projects and other hands on activities

Fine Motor Skills

  • uses a variety of manipulatives and table toys including lacing, pegs, pegboards, string beads, puzzles, shape sorters, and play dough toys
  • draws and colors with crayons, markers, jumbo pencils, colored
  • pencils, and chalk
  • paints with fingers, paintbrushes and other painting tools
  • practices cutting with scissors and gluing with a variety of media
  • engages in fingerplays and other movement activities

Gross Motor Skills

  • pedals a tricycle
  • walks a short distance on tiptoes
  • throws a ball overhead
  • kicks a ball forward
  • tries to catch a large ball
  • hops on one foot
  • jumps
  • balances
  • climbs stairs and climber apparatus
  • participates in musical movement activities


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