Our Facility


Our school is designed to create a safe and happy environment for the growth and education of our children. Everything was put together with children in mind.

The whole facility is bright and colorful with plenty of natural light. A beautiful creative mural and the aquarium keeps children interested, exited and fascinated in the reception area. All classes have windows looking in so parents and staff can observe the children.
Classrooms are designed for 7 age groups and they are color themed.

Infants are in the yellow room and range from 6 weeks to 15 months old. It’s a nicely decorated room with a safe and peaceful environment. Each child has their own crib and they are not shared. The cribs front and back are transparent so babies can be observed at all times. Infant feeding tables are designed to face the caregiver so they can be observed the whole time. There are plenty of age appropriate toys to stimulate the child’s imagination.

The toddlers' green room provides lots of space for activity, promoting growth and learning through a carefully-selected range of activity tables, age-applicable toys, art supplies, blocks, and books.

The rainbow and red rooms feature separate learning and play areas, tailored to engage our two-three year olds. Cabinets are arranged to keep toys and books in their place. Restrooms and furniture are specially-designed for young ones.

Our preschoolers are in the blue room and just like the other rooms the class is divided in separate learning areas with books, blocks, art materials, toys and other interesting displays. All classes have storage cubbies for each child’s personal belongings.

Purple room is our Pre-Kindergarten class. In addition to books, blocks, art materials they also use computer games to make the learning process fun.

The Kindergarten and after school children are in the orange room. This room is very spacious with multiple learning and play areas. This way each child can be taught at their own development level and receive individual attention.

There’s always time for play. Our school has 2 playgrounds outdoors for different age groups and one indoor play area. The equipment have been chosen with safety in mind and they are age appropriate for all the children. Rubber material is used so children can play and run safely.